Ant Hill Story (Rupert Spira)

there were two two colonies of ants. One of them lived on a mountain made of sugar and the other lived on a mountain made of salt.

One day one of the ants that lived on the sugar mountain strayed into the territory of the ants that lived on the salt mountain and explained to them that there is something called sweetness.

The ants on the salt mountain just couldn’t conceive of the possibility. So the sugar mountain ant invited a delegation of ants from the salt mountain to come to his Mountain to taste the sugar.

So the ants conferred amongst themself and they agreed to go; but they thought:

‘We will be will be gone for a long time and what happens if it’s not true? What happens if there is no such thing as sugar? We better take some salt with us.’

So they each tucked a grain of salt into their mouth unbeknown to the Sugar Mountain ant, and they made the journey to the Sugar Mountain.

They got there with great ceremony; they were each presented a grain of sugar to taste.

They all tasted it and they conferred amongst themselves and they said ‘no this tastes like salt’.

So you still have a grain of salt in your mouth.
And I don’t mean that you personally.

The materialistic worldview has been so profoundly inculcated into our minds into the way we think and feel that I have known people who have a deep understanding of non-duality and have been studying and practicing non-duality
for 40 years but still at the core of their thinking and feeling there is this materialistic view…

Rupert’s ant story starts at 11 minutes.

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