Rupert Spira

Daily Quotes from his website. I am adding tags and occasional photos.

they never meet.

Our Self, pure Awareness, is at home in the Now; the separate self is at home in time. For this reason, they never meet.

only thought

Experience experiences itself as one seamless, indivisible, unnameable, ever-present whole. It is only thought, which is itself made only of experience, which imagines that experience is fragmented into objects and selves.

Our Self

Our Self, the light of pure Knowing, is completely empty and, at the same time, the substance out of which the fullness of all experience is made.

Awareness, which knows

The mind, body or world may lack something but our Self – luminous, open, empty, Awareness, which knows this sense of lack – is inherently free of it. Thus, happiness is its nature.

our stand as Awareness

Be knowingly the inherently peaceful presence of Awareness, in which thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions appear. Allow these to evolve without interference and, if there is interference, simply allow that also. In allowing everything to be exactly as it is from moment to moment, we are, without realizing it at first, taking our stand as …

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beauty, love, understanding

Beauty is never seen, but every object is its footprint; love is never felt, but every feeling is its face; understanding is never known, but every thought shines with its light.


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